Our Foundation

Atomic Industries is founded on the principles of Integrity, Quality, Craftsmanship, and Safety. Combining all these elements, with a skilled and highly motivated workforce, we can bring to our customers cost effective, high quality finished products in a timely fashion.

Who We Are

Employee safety is paramount at Atomic Industries. Safety training and the daily practice of safe work procedures is of the highest priority of each employee, management, and ownership at Atomic Industries. Providing and practicing a safe work culture is key to ensuring that each employee can focus on his or her task and return home to their families safely each night. We are an ASME Code Piping Shop and possess the skill set and specialized equipment to fabricate B31.3 ASME Pressure Piping, and B31.1 Boiler External Pipe from 1” to 48” diameter. Our shop production superintendent has over 30 years of fabrication experience that ranges from stainless pressure vessel fabrication to multiple process pipe fabrication. Our shop production management team is hands on every day with our staff constantly improving safety, quality, and helping to refine the skills of each craftsman. Atomic Acres is located just east of Billings on a high load accessible corridor. We have a fully fenced and secured 20-acre property of yard space that has allowed us to offer customers storage of finished products until they are ready for delivery of the equipment to the job site. We also have 20,000 sq feet of fabrication shop space with four 5-ton cranes and an additional 8,400 sq. feet of storage warehouse space. We are equipped to handle any job.