Oil/ Gas Solutions

Atomic provides ASME pressure piping fabrication solutions for customers in carbon steel, stainless steel, 1.25%, 5%, 9% chrome and aluminum.
Atomic can provide you with custom pipe and structural fabrication for all your project needs including but not limited to:

  • Conventional Oil Facilities
  • SAGD Facilities
  • Natural Gas Facilities
  • Gas Compression Facilities
  • Wellsite Facilities
  • Pipeline Sender and Receiver Headers
  • Oil and gas refineries

Laser and Water-Jet Cutting Solutions

Atomic is excited to announce the addition of a new Laser cutting machine to our services. We will now be able to cut precision parts at a high speed for the oil and gas, construction, agricultural, industrial manufacturing, commercial building, architectural design, interior and exterior design, automotive, food industry, and marine industry. Our new laser is capable of cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and titanium. Our water jet can cut solid material up to 6” thick ranging from steel, or titanium and composites and laminates. Both pieces of cutting equipment have their advantages for the specific materials you need cut.

Press Brake

Atomic has also acquired a new 175-ton 13’ press brake. Our press brake is full CNC with offline programming software that communicates with 2D Auto CAD drawings and 3D Solidworks models. We are willing and able to take on any job from small 1 off specialty components to complex, multiple bend configurations that require precise tolerances and repeatability. Our machine is equipped with a quick release hydraulic tool bar making changing of our Wila punches and dies fast and easy. If your project requires a specialty punch or die, we also have the resources to fabricate or modify an existing punch and die combination to bend your product properly.

Heavy Industrial/ Commercial Solutions

Atomics ability to custom fabricate and repair steel products spans across many different industries. From repairing buckets for excavation equipment to fabricating intricate handrail systems for a custom home, Atomic has the know-how and equipment to get the job done.

Manufacturing Solutions

The entire Atomic shop can shift from building light gauge intricate components that require the most precise attention to detail and accuracy to mass production of large equipment components.  We are set up to handle and manipulate large volume orders as well as caring for the customer that only need a few at a time.

Prototype/ R&D Solutions

We understand many of the challenges that face an entrepreneur or design group when trying to prove or bring a new product to market.   We can help bring your idea to reality with solid works drafting, prototype modeling and renderings.  These steps lead to 3D printing, plastic injection prototypes, and fabricating a test model.  We can also help you refine or redesign an existing product.

Additional Solutions

  • B31.1 Boiler External Piping
  • Carbon Steel Piping
  • Stainless Piping
  • 1.25%, 5%, & 9% Chrome Piping
  • Water Jet Services
  • Pipe Racks, and Pipe Structural Supports
  • Piping Modules
  • Satellite Header Skids
  • Pump Skids
  • Separator Skid Packages
  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication
  • Slug Catchers
  • Knockout drums
  • Test Separators
  • Gas Suction and Discharge bottles
  • Fuel Gas Scrubbers
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Custom Skidded Buildings
  • Platforms
  • Handrails
  • Walkways
  • Ladders